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Care for a meditation project in 2021?

Let's do a one year project and see if life can be improved through short daily meditation, like these ones. You can think about three personal goals, for example something specific about health, money and relationships, add a goal about your family and another one about community, society or humanity.

Meditation on these 5 goals should not take more that 10 minutes. Goals may be changed when they are completely reached or become irrelevant. Train your mind to do the following steps

- release stress and worries with pictures, movies or metaphors (with time it will be a matter of seconds)

- focus on goals, state them in a short positive sentence as if they have been accomplished or imagine that it has happened

- add joyful emotions to your picture, movies, words or just sense of knowing it happened

- send gratitude to Universe and release it moving on to the next goal

It is advisable not to change wording every single day and not to use any negative words like "I do not want anyone from my family to get sick". Use I see them all healthy and happy!

Start a meditation diary to track your progress. The more specific goals are like for example "lose 30 pounds", "run 3 miles 3 times per week", " get my new business to $10K of monthly income by the end of September", the more likely progress can be evaluated.

My goals

- 10000 steps every day while feeling great

- 1000 clients for absolutely new business unrelated to this site by the end of December

- 2 new books to publish by the end of December

- happy and healthy members of extended family

- humanity successfully dealt with virus and released the restriction

We do not know what 10 minutes of daily meditation can bring but I will post weekly updates here!

Very excited to start 2021 with a new project. Join me if curious. You can share your progress at