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Neurological Levels

While addressing a problem or working towards something you do not currently have it is very important to stay flexible as more things to address will emerge during this work.

Sometimes memories and ideas you could never thought may be related to the subject of your work are somehow linked together. While linking them subconscious mind does not use any logic or rational person's reasons. Similar emotional drivers would be most likely at the core of this connection. That's why when working on stage 1 of your goal and releasing all reasons why you "can not achieve it" be open to experiences popping up and inviting to address them too.

At the same time there is a structure that will help to be efficient in your work. In NLP this structure is called logical or neurological levels. Those levels represent supporting structure of all issues. Traditionally NLP believes that changes on every level affects one level up and two levels down this pyramid. But if you think about it, everything in this hierarchy is related to everything else.

Change on one level should and will entail changes on others. So in my case of working on a new home should I be just focusing on my behavior - like saving money or getting more financial opportunities just because behavior will affect my environment? Yes and no as with what we have or do not have at the moment we should always examine our current beliefs. We tend to stay in aliment with them, so if I believe that nice homes are only for very rich people that would be blocking my work in that direction no matter what I do.

Belief is a central piece of this structure. It touches both identity (who am I) and capabilities (what can I do) and therefore gives us resources to do something correctly to achieve our goals.