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Result of tapping into opportunities and new project

I think it would be only fair if I elaborate a little bit on the end result of my previous project, tapping into opportunities. During the cause of this project I was addressing various issues working on my own and with two other wonderful FasterEFT practitioners. As of next Monday I am taking the position of Manager in one of the global consulting firms and go to Chicago for a training!

Was I hoping for this result when I started tapping for opportunities? I was very open to anything which will allow me to take the next step and broaden my horizons. What I am getting now is way better that anything I ever had in my life in terms of scope, pay and potential.

It goes without saying that alternative healing techniques will still remain among my priorities and excellent result that I've got with this project inspired me to take up the next project - tapping for ideal home. I will be tapping everyday for 90 days targeting everything that prevents me to have an ideal home yet and making weekly posts with my progress. I am very excited and empowered. Let's see what is going to happen.