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Tapping into opportunities - 3

I can not believe I just did not have enough time to sit down with my blog for two weeks. My tapping experiment started with very random opportunities and rather unexpected things however as time progressed, the biggest opportunity and respective goal started to crystallize.

In addition to couple of smaller financial opportunities I got during these two weeks, the plan to create a textbook and a unique course became very feasible. During this time I composed a content draft and a presentation, defined the contacts I need to move forward with this idea.

So what exactly did I do?

While doing my daily tapping session I was asking myself just one simple question "How do I feel about opportunities that are bringing a lot of good things into my life?" After this question I paused to let subconscious mind to bring up stories of how it may occur or arguments why it may not happen or happen in a less beneficial way. Trust me, there were many.

I wrote down everything I could get and stopped writing only after getting the same thing twice. If you did a brainstorming session, it is very similar. All ideas are valid, no single one is better than the other, even hypothetical things should be considered. That's how I would get my tapping list. Some days were very similar and some of them brought surprises. After tapping is done, I would complete Robert's "million Dollar process" affirming that I am getting a lot of opportunities bringing good things into my life".

The most important thing is to be persistent (do it every day, make it your routine) and let your subconscious "speak" to you. Respect information it is bringing to your attention and train yourself to note your reactions and internal chatter (we all have it, just learn to pause and listen). Try tapping for opportunities for at least 30 days and see where it leads you!