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Tapping into opportunities - 2

My results for the past 10 days: one major financial opportunity, two not so big but still important for the future, a major decision on publishing and a publisher who wants to make a payment! Not bad.

That's 10 days of experiment only. My biggest problem is that I have several directions which I consider very important. It is hard to distribute my efforts evenly between all of them or discard any of them. After these ten days I feel that my understanding of sequence of steps I should be making became way more clear. And yes, I had to reject one of the major opportunities previously available to me. It is a conscious decision that I am not going in this direction any more. It is all about choices and decisions after all! As long as you have a pool of opportunities, it is okay.

Now, how exactly tap into opportunities? Here is what Robert says on affirmations and beliefs. It seems like practicing the new feelings (of getting new opportunities in case of my experiment) is the hardest part.

P.S. Still weight 130 lbs and still do not wear any glasses :-) > Cheers