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Tapping into opportunities with a new FasterEFT/Eutaptics project

Hey, nice Sunday afternoon out there in cloudy Toronto....It is me, still 30 pounds less and not wearing any glasses for the last 4 weeks...I was just thinking what my next project is going to be....Doing some serious thinking for couple of weeks. As someone who had been involved into research and investigative work for the last 10 years, I am very skeptical of things like "tapping for $50K" and yet to find anyone who in fact got $50K from this tapping...Anyone?

I strongly believe however in FasterEFT/Eutaptics because what it did for me such as eliminating chronic dizziness, dangerous heart condition, severe anxiety, 30 pounds, and strong myopia from my life for good. And no, FasterEFT is not EFT as it has very specific belief system, with no guessing game or energy disruption scares and tapping is only 5% of what is being done to address the issue with FasterEFT/Eutaptics means.

We know for sure that FasterEFT/Eutaptics can address/eliminate/change something but is it possible to create something from scratch? Like with no experience or memory of something? In this project I am not going to "tap for opportunities", I will be tapping into opportunities, devoting 30 minutes per day for 30 days and give update in this blog every 5 days. For the purpose of this project opportunities should be material wealth building items, connections and events, not some kind of NewAgey "learning" opportunities that leave you devastated for years. Are you interested? Follow along and let's see what happens!