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Results of my eyesight project

It is time to summarize the results. For the last three weeks I did not wear my glasses for a single time including in training, records recording and shopping situations which in the past would definitely require glasses support.

What did I find out through this work? Metaphoric mind expresses itself through the body, in case of eyesight when I am stressed or/and encounter things I do not want to see in my life. It is important to continue addressing those instances as Robert says there is no such thing as forever free from something or healed. We are all dynamic individuals with circumstances and states changing daily so anything is possible. For now I am happy to be free from glasses but continue to address my stress and emotions daily.

What about a new FasterEFT related project? I would love to do something fun, like project for financial opportunities. Let me review my notes from February seminar and I will come back with a refined idea.