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Worst case scenarios

Many people panic when they realize that their eyesight is not as good as it was. They imagine all kinds of surgeries with lots of suffering, going blind, jobless and homeless, depending on other people and all other scary things to happen.

If you have something like this, those imprints need to be changed. How?

1/. Close your eyes and go to this imaginary experience. How do you know you have it, is it a picture, a movie playing in your mind, somebody says something or is it a feeling? Notice all the details.

2/. Determine the most important details: are there any shapes, colors, movement, vibration? What would you need to change for this experience not to have the same emotional charge any more?

3/. Change them piece by piece. Replace the details, redirect the spinning feeling, change the colors, bring in the subjects that makes everything funny and untrue, let people talk with cartoon character voices.

4/. When the picture is completely irrelevant, in its left upper corner start making another picture where you are getting better, see more clearly, do every day something for yourself and notice the progress. While you are adding the details make this picture bigger and bigger and finally let it overtake the whole space previously taken by irrelevant picture.

5/. Make sure that the getting better picture comes up every time when you think about your eyesight. Anchor it mentally with the word eyesight. Practice until you get it automatically. When completed, open your eyes.

If you have several worst case scenarios, you need to work them all bringing to the same getting better picture.