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Is there anyone with similar problem?

This is a very valid question. Sometime we literary inherit a problem. If everyone in the family loves to eat and is very much focused on unhealthy food, family gatherings can result in weight issues for all family members.

With eyesight it is not very linear but you still can find a belief or someone from your childhood who very much influenced you when you started to have this problem.

In my case, my beloved grandmother with whom I experienced very special relationships and had my first deep spiritual conversations, had very poor eyesight, -12 I believe. She rarely wore glasses and this is something I was very reluctant to do as well.

So as my next step, with tools and techniques of FasterEFT I addressed all that still bothered me in relations to my grandmother like some episodes we had in my childhood and how she died with me being unable to do anything for her.

Relationships are very much influencing our beliefs about self which is also important for health and body ailments. Any emotionally traumatic situation that is still lingering and therefore might slow down health improvement, needs to be addressed and changed to keep only joyful and light memories.