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How do you know?

First question FasterEFT practitioner will ask you - how do you know you have a problem? In fact what represents a problem for one person, might be not a problem for someone else. Also we all have our own ways to have problems as we all have unique internal references - memories, pictures, movies played in our mind, may be someone's words, annoying self-talk or songs, sometimes a feeling, sensation, taste or smell?

So how do you know you have a vision problem? Many people will say :"I can not see clearly". They have a picture, most times it will be somewhat blurry or with certain details that can not be seen. All that and all memories when inability to see clearly caused an emotional charge are very valuable tools to work on using FasterEFT tools and techniques.

A FasterEFT practitioner or if you work on your own yourself will need this long list of memories, pictures, descriptions of sensations and feelings. I can promise one thing - while you are addressing that something even more valuable pops up, something or may be someone who can assist your mind to fix this problem.