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Shortcut to toned abs

Since there is only 2 weeks are left for my project I am very interested in techniques that would help to tone abs really quickly.

Many people know and agree on efficiency of plank exercise. It definitely has positive effect not just on abs but arms and legs as well. In short, if you are practicing plank you are training more than just abs muscles. As I am very much in favor of shortcuts, I looked at 20 different ways to do plank and now invite you to do it too.

In my opinion the ones on the Pilates ball or the bench are the easiest ones so if you are a beginner you may do those. Do not go for one arm plank until you are 100% convinced you could do that not to injure yourself or strain your muscles.

How much would be enough? Start with 20 sec and move gradually to 4 minutes. In my opinion a week of doing plank daily for 4 minutes will make the difference!