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Million Dollar secret for great lower abs

No, it is not something I have come across too. This is coming from my brother Leo, who is physical rehabilitation therapist and fitness professional.

At this point I have lost a lot of weight and of course want to shape my abs muscles a little bit to look fit.

Leo gave me a Million Dollar advice that worked perfectly and in just 6 days I was able to wear comfortably the pull on pants that did not fit me in abs area for quite some time. I will share the secret with you, but let's look at abs anatomy first.

Without going into much detail Leo explained that no matter what exercises I do, it is important to pull parts under number 1 closer to parts under number 4, that's all!

You can do it while standing, walking, dancing and even meditating! The more pulling in movement is in your focus, the better results are!

The book about my whole journey with losing 30 pounds in 2 months will be published as soon as entire experiment is over. Do not miss it! Follow my page on the Facebook #guidetoheal and this blog for more information. I will make the book very simple to follow and affordable. My goal is that everybody who wants to have ideal weight in any age, would be able to achieve it and keep it. Weight loss has never been so easy and everybody interested will have enough time to lose pounds by next beach season!