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Weight Loss experiment is about to start on January 1, 2018

I thought about Christina's experience of losing 30 bls with Reiki....Sounds great! The problem is that not everyone is attuned to Reiki evergy and can find a Reiki Master for proper attunement like Reiki protocol requires.

What if we use just plain and simple energy healing methods? Something like this one in the video below? You can raise the energy using an energy ball or aura method.

Do you know your target weight? If you do you can create powerful affirmation using your target weight number while doing energy healing session.

If you feel unhealthy craving for fast food, sugary drinks and snacks or chips, tap on yourself or meditate. You may use multiple FasterEFT videos, like this one.

Let us compare the results of March 10, 2018! Happy 2018 and may your year be filled with joy, happiness and pleasant gifts!

Cheers, Elena and GuideToHeal