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In this section I would like to share information and recommend products and services that actually helped me with neck and back problems as well as getting rid of chronic dizziness lasting for almost 4 years.


Please make sure you consult your physician and make sure that your condition is treated properly, according to diagnosis. In my case with multiple herniated disks, vertebrobasilar insufficiency and high stress there simply were no methods other than below used. 

On the left side you will see products you can find on for the US and on the right side on specifically to Canada. 

1. Inversion table

Daily use of inversion table adds tremendous value to stretching your spine and improving your blood circulation. Make sure you consult your doctor before using the equipment especially if you have a high blood pressure problem.

Consistency is the key here. I saw improvement in how I feel after two months of consistent use. I was doing morning inversions before any meal three times for 40 seconds each.

2. Neck massager

Neck massager is the most popular tool, it really helps especially if paired with a good stretch program so choose the one you can carry around and use it frequently.

3. Neck stretch hammock

This piece of equipment is essential for cases with chronic neck pain where you have to pay special care how you do your stretches and you are cautious about traditional yoga ways of stretching your neck.

4. Neck stretcher 

During the time of active treatment and healing I've been carrying this one around a lot, even taking it to various trips. Be careful not to use this one in situations of high blood pressure, for example on the plane. Otherwise it is very effective and easy to use/control tool to feel the difference in just 5 minutes. 

5. Under Desk Bike

While you are actively working on your neck and back problems, it is extremely challenging to go for a run or join a traditional fitness class. We still need to stay physically active as much as we can and Under Desk Bike is a budget solution for that. With many people working from home it can become a helpful addition to their home office.

6. Stretching program

If I had to recommend one fitness program that really helps with your back, it is certainly Miranda Esmonde-White series! From huge variety of exercises really make difference that she offers you can choose the ones your body likes and start it from there. With time and patience you will be able to move to other exercises of her program, feel how everything in our bodies is connected to everything else and improvement in one area lead to improvements in others. 

7. Back stretching device

Many of us like how simple floor stretches feel like. They give us additional bonus by trimming waistline like on this video below, however for people with back problem it is important to use a special device instead of pillow or rolled towel.

8. Orthopedic insoles

Special insoles can help you feel difference if walking is a challenge due to your back or neck condition. Select the brand trusted by thousands of others. 

9. Seat and cane

If you suffer from pain or dizzy spells while standing, seat and cane device can be your day-to-day companion. During my time of sickness I was using a large umbrella as a supporting tool, but now there is a better solution.

10. Orthopedic pillow

We are designed to sleep for at least third of our life and quality of sleep is very important to everybody. All the body healing is happening when we sleep. People can hardly control the way they are sleeping. For someone with neck pain or problems who is still sleeping on their stomach, their night time may contribute to worsening of their condition. 

Make sure your pillow actively helps you heal during night sleep, and if you are still using standard pillows, have a look at something more specialized.   

11. Supplements

Many people suffering from

chronic dizziness are taking blood  thinners. There are also known cases with similar symptoms experienced by people with low iron, that's why it is important to ask your doctor about taking Magnesium and Zinc supplements.  

12. Office equipment

If you have a back or neck conditions and are working computer,

make sure that you have selected appropriate ergonomic equipment, such as:

- keyboard, 

- keyboard tray,

- special mouse

Bookshelf of healing and recovery

This world bestseller book of Norman Cousins helped thousands of people who never got any promises from mainstream medicine like the author who made a successful recovery from incurable illness and lived 10 more years helping others.

"Back Doctor" was written by famous Canadian back surgeon who is now retired. By no chance is he advocating for surgery but rather natural healing of your

spine anywhere it is possible.

"The Wind of Change" was the first book of Self-Help Emergency

Room series I wrote right after my

recovery from years of chronic dizziness. This book contains a selection of the most efficient techniques that helped me to

make it through. I hope you will find something here too. 

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