Below I list something that changed my life, contributing to my healing and complete recovery.

I learned and practiced a number of alternative healing modalities and finally found something that made a huge difference. Now I have fully recovered from chronic dizziness, became a practitioner of FasterEFT and can help others. I offer first 2 hours session and follow ups to support my clients in their healing process. Contact

Positive environment can create powerful aid for recovery and healing. As an artist I know it really well and fell happy that my design is used for cheerful and unique lifestyle products. Hope that you like them too and they can color up your environment. From this website I sell high quality digital images that can be customized and printed on posters or canvases.  Contact

We all know that some days are better than other. Most people also notice challenging periods of time and problems in relationships with others. Each of us is born with unique set of qualities not necessarily repeating any of our parents. Why is that and what can we do to improve situation during difficult times?

We are born and live under certain planetary influences. If we understand that and know how to use them to our advantage, life in general and relationship with others are becoming more manageable. For people who are willing to use planetary influence to their advantage Astrowinners Astrology School has several interesting offers. Interested can contact the school at