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In 2020 natural healing skills have become  something absolutely needed by everyone. This page is deloved to how to take off with them and begin practicing. Healing is natural ability of any living thing and since quantum physics discoveries no one is arguing any that we are all connected.  

I am a seasoned practitioner in the field, Energy Healer and Reiki Master since 2010 and will help you get started. Together we can experiment and make tremendous impact, so much in demand when lots of people are suffering.

In my book "The Art of Energy Healing in theory and practice" published in 2013 I summarized a number of useful techniques for people who may be interested in learning the skill. I am convinced that anyone can master and successfully practice energy and intention healing, applying it to various areas of life, enhancing what tranditional medicine can offer us. 

One of my guided meditations you can use for self-healing.

Another meditation can be used for distance healing. If you do not have anyone on work, you can always find people in need for distance intention healing here .


Also I created Global Healing Project for people to come together and get virus under control through collective positive intention and healing practice.


In the beginning of every hour in any location where you are now, focus and send positive intention for humanity to get rid of deadly virus and all mutations for as long as you would like to. You can use this video below to follow along and do your global healing the way I do it.   









Share and invite more people to participate in our healing efforts. Please take some time before your healing meditation to release all the worries and other thoughts.  Finish your meditation with feeling you would feel when we reach the goal. Send your love and gratitude to many people around the world who worked on it too.