FasterEFT is a self-healing system guiding how to release stress associated both with uneasy emotional and physical states, successfully tackle unhealthy patterns and start anew no matter how stuck one may feel in a certain issue. 


        FasterEFT was created by amazing researcher and trainer Robert G. Smith based on Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic programming and other research results. On his website and Youtube channel you may find a free 7 day course and hundreds of videos showing amazing work with different issues as well as powerful testimonials of those who experienced great results with FasterEFT.

       To access FasterEFT website use this link

       FasterEFT stands on the following principles: there are no "broken" people, we successfully create and produce what we hold true within us based on memories, experiences, beliefs. If you change internal references stored within your subconscious mind, you can shift your beliefs so the body-mind connection releases stress and enables many positive changes.


       While you are watching FasterEFT videos, tapping may seem unusual at the first sight, however it only serves the purpose of existing trance (perceived problem) break and general relaxation.  You can definitely use other techniques to achieve it or learn to tap mentally.

       FasterEFT has a very distinctive belief system which makes it very efficient. You may explore the basics online and participate in number of online/live training opportunities depending on your needs. 

- Dealing with anxiety and depression

- Insomnia 

- Grief and loss

- Money issues

- Weight loss

- Relationship problems 

- Creating a life you want to have

- Holistic approach to all your problems, path to work with other people


I was really priveledged to have first hand experience with FasterEFT helping me with chronic dizziness symptoms which were unresponsive to medical and other healing modalities treatments. This process started not just my own healing but my training in FasterEFT and working with other people guiding with FasterEFT. Although with persistence it is entirely possible to help themselves with stress release and healing, many people choose to have a session with FasterEFT practitioners.


     Like no other healing system FasterEFT safeguards your privacy as its protocols enable stress release and positive changes even if client does not tell practitioner about specific content of their memories and experiences which is a huge relief for people who are not opening up easily and prefer not to share private information with anyone. 

      Working on own problems is the most complex intervention ever and so help of a practitioner can make it faster and more efficient. If it is your choice, as someone being a FasterEFT practitioner, I may guide you. Interested? Please take Robert's free course, learn basics of aiming at problems/tapping and contact me to book a session. If you know basics of FasterEFT , it will be possible to address several issues during just one session! 

You can watch short videos where Robert gives basic explanations on how to use his method and see if it resonates with you.



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What is possible to achieve with FasterEFT, please note results are very specific to an individual

Health                                                                                     Weight loss

Money                                                                                    Others in your life

Addictions                                                                             Allergies

Grief and loss                                                                        Depression and suicidal thoughts 

Anxiety and panic attacks                                                  Problems with relationship

How to deal with failure                                                       Fear of death