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Worst case scenarios

Many people panic when they realize that their eyesight is not as good as it was. They imagine all kinds of surgeries with lots of suffering, going blind, jobless and homeless, depending on other people and all other scary things to happen. If you have something like this, those imprints need to be changed. How? 1/. Close your eyes and go to this imaginary experience. How do you know you have it, is it a picture, a movie playing in your mind, somebody says something or is it a feeling? Notice all the details. 2/. Determine the most important details: are there any shapes, colors, movement, vibration? What would you need to change for this experience not to have the same emotional charge any

Beliefs can make or ruin your healing process

While working on eyesight like any health problem it is very important to have the right beliefs helping your to heal and improve. You can list everything you currently believe about your health condition according to the following plan 1/. Origins - how did I get this problem in the first place? 2/. Own involvement - do I contribute somehow into my problem? 3/. Involvement of others - can I blame someone else for me having this problem? 4/. Ways of dealing with it - am I doing of not doing something /enough/anything to resolve the problem? 5/. Outcome - do I believe that anything can be done to improve my condition or overcome the issue? 6/. Hidden benefit - what will I have do after this p