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Is there anyone with similar problem?

This is a very valid question. Sometime we literary inherit a problem. If everyone in the family loves to eat and is very much focused on unhealthy food, family gatherings can result in weight issues for all family members. With eyesight it is not very linear but you still can find a belief or someone from your childhood who very much influenced you when you started to have this problem. In my case, my beloved grandmother with whom I experienced very special relationships and had my first deep spiritual conversations, had very poor eyesight, -12 I believe. She rarely wore glasses and this is something I was very reluctant to do as well. So as my next step, with tools and techniques of Faster

How do you know?

First question FasterEFT practitioner will ask you - how do you know you have a problem? In fact what represents a problem for one person, might be not a problem for someone else. Also we all have our own ways to have problems as we all have unique internal references - memories, pictures, movies played in our mind, may be someone's words, annoying self-talk or songs, sometimes a feeling, sensation, taste or smell? So how do you know you have a vision problem? Many people will say :"I can not see clearly". They have a picture, most times it will be somewhat blurry or with certain details that can not be seen. All that and all memories when inability to see clearly caused an emotional charge

New project

Hello, Everyone. This is a new project I promised to announce on March 14, 2018. A while ago I was aiming at eye sight improvement through natural therapies. As a result I went from -5 to -2. All I practiced was summarized in another blog This time around I am going to use FasterEFT only. I will do it until May 3, 2018 (50 days in overall as 2014 experiment was conducted during 50 days) with weekly checking in and then will try to do some kind of online assessment to see my eyesight moved up from -2.

Check in time!

So ten weeks of this project ended really fast. When I started the scales showed 161 lbs and today it is 130,8lbs! I will try to finalize everything I did, some of my pitfalls, discoveries and hints I would give to someone how is going to try the same path. Many things did not go as it was initially planned, some techniques I was using changed in this practice. My goal is to share all the findings and overall experiment process in really simple affordable Amazon book that can show that it is possible to get the weight down to desired number without diets or extensive fitness regime. In fact, in addition to normal everyday walking it will be just three exercises I am going to advertise as ha

Toned chest muscles

This is the last project post before the final one and today I want to bring the subject of chest muscles, another problem most people who are losing a lot of weight experience. Again, let's have a look what we are going to work on which will be mostly pectoralis major. It is very important to have a picture and maintain your focus on the muscles you will be toning in the next few days. The exercise is called Incline Dumbbell Pullover and like with abs I have to give credits to my wonderful brother Leo who makes sure I am not wasting my time with exercises and equipment I do not need for my goals. So, the exercise looks this way: you are sitting on the fitness bench with 45 degrees inclined