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Shortcut to toned abs

Since there is only 2 weeks are left for my project I am very interested in techniques that would help to tone abs really quickly. Many people know and agree on efficiency of plank exercise. It definitely has positive effect not just on abs but arms and legs as well. In short, if you are practicing plank you are training more than just abs muscles. As I am very much in favor of shortcuts, I looked at 20 different ways to do plank and now invite you to do it too. In my opinion the ones on the Pilates ball or the bench are the easiest ones so if you are a beginner you may do those. Do not go for one arm plank until you are 100% convinced you could do that not to injure yourself or strain your

Million Dollar secret for great lower abs

No, it is not something I have come across too. This is coming from my brother Leo, who is physical rehabilitation therapist and fitness professional. At this point I have lost a lot of weight and of course want to shape my abs muscles a little bit to look fit. Leo gave me a Million Dollar advice that worked perfectly and in just 6 days I was able to wear comfortably the pull on pants that did not fit me in abs area for quite some time. I will share the secret with you, but let's look at abs anatomy first. Without going into much detail Leo explained that no matter what exercises I do, it is important to pull parts under number 1 closer to parts under number 4, that's all! You can do it whi

Mindful eating

At this point if your project is going really well you are feeling lighter, stay active without getting tired quickly, ask more questions about your eating habits - are you eating because you body needs fuel, or it is a comfort food craving? Eating mindfully means slowing down, expressing gratitude for your meal and paying attention what it means. The more you practice mindful eating, the easier you get rid of unhealthy patterns like overeating, consuming junk food, eating while watching or reading something when you do not pay full attention to the signals of your body. Add your affirmations before the meal and energy healing session right after it and you will feel totally different ener