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At this point you may start using affirmation on regular basis to help your brain to adjust to weight loss process. Rules for good affirmations - short - positive (no don't, can't) - present tense only - something you feel to be true - creating good vibes in your body Remember, the first affirmation proven to be efficient was "Every day in every way I am getting better and better" How many? I use 40, but if you are doing something repetitive which causes trance like state for your brain like cycling in the fitness club, you can definitely go for more. Good luck!

Physical activity to support your weight loss

While losing weight with energy healing you may find that you are feeling lighter and more willing to some your body. Someone posted physical activities that are helping to lose weight. To be honest with you I am mostly engaged only with the last one which is walking. If I swim, I do it rather slowly and if I dance, do it for fun not for weight loss. And no, if you walk for an hour with medium speed it is 240 kkal, not 167 like it is stated in this article. The whole purpose of this program is to lose weight comfortably but you need to listen to your body as your food and activities preferences may naturally shift to healthier ones.

Results you can achieve

While losing weight through regular energy healing sessions please do not forget to tap away any occasionally unhealthy cravings. This video shows what results you can achieve if you use tapping for any emotional attachments.

Mind over matter?

According to Robert Jahn, aerospace researcher in Princeton University for over almost three decades of testing at their lab at Princeton University, Jahn and his colleagues were moved to conclude that there were indeed anomalous powers of human consciousness beyond what orthodox science allowed. Their experiments included human giving mental commands to computers to generate certain result. Russian neurologist Vladimir Bekhterev conducted experiments where in hypnosis individuals were convinced that they were drinking alcohol while in fact they were having water. While out of hypnosis those people did not have any alcohol in their system but behaved as if they were drunk. If it is possible