Resources to improve your life

There are number of ways you can improve your life right now.

- Self development knowledge

Self-Help Emergency Room book series offer the best of the world alternative healing practices are summarized for you here (link) including best self development tools, energy healing, positive self-talk, self-hypnosis, weight loss.








- Art therapy 


Art and colors have amazing influence on our perception, energy, emotional and therefore our physical state too.


These works are known to make your home or office unique and unforgettable, full of colors and energy. You can purchase digital file to print on a canvas of a needed size (link is here) or poster from Saatchi Gallery (link is here). Contact us at






















































Knowledge of astrology allows us to improve quality of life through understanding and managing planetary influences.


Astrowinners Astrology school

Course "How to read Charts with confidence in 21 days" is for people who are new to astrology or were never focused on Chart analysis in their astrology studies. Reading astrology Charts opens up a lot of new opportunities in exploring personal talents and traits likely to be appreciated by society. With this correspondent course it is easy to master new skill in 21 days. Course is practical, well structured, affordable and fully online. 

Our Practical Astrology Program with individual consists with courses on the most popular astrology subjects. 
























Want more colors in your life? Find them here