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Alternative Healing Resources


Reiki is an energy healing system of Japanese origin.
















If you are in Toronto you may use this opportunity to request your training, be attuned to Reiki energy and start incorporating it into your daily life.


Reiki has proven to offer great improvements in how we feel and how we look! If you use Reiki regularly you are likely to age slower, loose weight easier, sleep better and recover from daily stress faster.Learning Reiki will open the door of helping others like elderly parents, small children and someone who suffer from chronic diseases. After taking Reiki I workshop you will be absolutely able to take care of your needs and help others in your proximity. As a Registered Teacher with a training program, approved by Canadian Reiki Association I will be able to give you full information about incorporating Reiki into your life and provide you with a Canadian Reiki Association diploma.For those who want to master distant healing techniques and special Reiki symbols, there is a Reiki II workshop.The most dedicated people who want to teach Reiki, may also take Master/Teacher workshop which will open up this path for them. Interested? Please contact for more details.


Traditional Reiki requires in person attunement, however it is not so difficult to master energy healing through proper instruction and exercises.  













Want to learn energy healing basics on your own? You are more than welcome to explore research on the subject done for Self-Help Emergency Room series. Through a number of techniques described you can easily learn and apply energy healing in your daily life. 


Interested in self-healing and want to learn more efficient techniques? There is Self-Help Emergency Room series where the best of them are summarized.


Not fond of tapping but want changes facilitated by the power of your mind? As an NLP Trainer of American University of NLP  and Certified Consulting Hypnotist of NGH from 2009, I published a Self-Help Emergency Room series book summarizing best neuro-programming and hypnosis techniques. 













Art has amazing influence on our perception, energy, emotional and therefore our physical state too.

My journey with collages started in 2001 with small exhibition of XIX Century collages in Pushkin Museum in Moscow where I lived back then. Although old collages look very different from what I do now, I aim for unique combination of texture and forms images as well as energy charged colors.


My idea of art is creating something that never existed through bringing very special energy of feelings into reality of things.





Unfortunately original paper collages represent dying art as illustrative materials are more and more outplaced by web published  resources which makes these artworks even more unique. Collection is being currently updated. 


Made your choice? Since every piece is unique and can not be reproduced, so you have an opportunity to have something really unique which will only increase value and I hope that will increase joy and positive energy in your home or office. Running an exhibition or a gallery?  You can contact us at


Everybody knows that some days are better than others for healing, physical activity, business and relationships. Centuries ancient astrology explains it by transits (specific disposition of current planets against the planets of someone's astrological chart).




















If we know and understand transits we can increase efficiency of healing techniques, meditation and physical exercises as well as avoid risky activities. There were researches devoted to exploring transits for dangerous situations in celebrities' lives. Interested in learning planetary transits to use this knowledge in your life? There are a lot of great resources here