This site is devoted to self-healing concepts and alternative techniques to assist with it. While the ones I have been trained with are very effective and in many ways life changing please note that one-on-one relationships with licensed medical practitioners are very important and essential. Everyone of us has ultimate responsibility for their health and well being therefore before employing any alternative methods or technique please make sure you showed this information to the medical professional you are under care of and receive their approval.

At this point medical professionals and alternative healing training specialists are in agreement that power of the mind can greatly influence the way how someone recovers from emotional trauma or deal with a disease.

Years of continuous training in various modalities such as hypnosis, Reiki, NLP and finally FasterEFT (Eutaptics) and persistent practicing of what I had learned allowed me to recover from chronic dizziness.


Here is how Robert explains the basics of his method.

What to do and not to do in order to keep positive changes solid. Very important!

Following a session of working on your emotions, sensations may feel shifted and other memories may start to show up. This is how subconscious protection mechanism works. You addressed something and balance seems to be stirred up. No need to get overwhelmed. You can change it all, one thing at a time and get the life you have always wanted where you are in control of your emotions. Check the FasterEFT video library on this website to get an idea of the most popular issues addressed with the help of this modality. 

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