This site is a good start for people who need self-healing and restart strategies.

When someone has a lot of challenging it is very important to be fully responsible for own health and wellbeing. During my entire life I have collected and tested methods and techniques that work quickly and efficiently. The best of the best is here, on this website presented by myself  or in collaboration with other trainers and practitioners. 


Before employing any alternative methods or technique please make sure you showed this information to the medical professional you are under care of and received their approval.

At this point medical professionals and alternative healing training specialists are in agreement that power of the mind can greatly influence the way how someone recovers from emotional trauma or deal with a disease.

Years of continuous training in various modalities such as hypnosis, Reiki, NLP and finally FasterEFT (Eutaptics) and persistent practicing of what I had learned allowed me and many other people achieve good results.

On this website you will find information on 

- releasing stress and negative emotions 

- how to restart after various challenges

- losing weight without dieting and crazy fitness

- books with best self-healing methods

- short exercises to immediately feel better

- quick ways to release what's in your way of earning good money

- what can be done to help you with your online business

Hopefully everyone in need will find what they were looking for to heal, redesign and restart!

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